InceSight, your digital research assistant to help you make strategic decisions when considering online gaming markets.

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InceSight, our new digital research assistant, will help you understand and compare the benefits, risks and challenges when entering, expanding or exiting one or more gaming jurisdictions around the world. It is the perfect solution for SMEs looking for concise and strategic intelligence, relevant to you, all in one place.

You can easily explore and navigate by jurisdiction or product using InceSight’s databases which are filled with highly specialised and up to date legal and regulatory information. Ince sector experts as well as experts from many other jurisdictions around the world contribute to the system, so you can trust InceSight's data is verified and accurate.

​​​​​​We developed InceSight together with Amber Gaming, who provide simple, powerful technology solutions for gaming compliance. 

How does it work?

InceSight helps you analyse and evaluate products and markets based on the information it returns – just like any research assistant – quickly and without the need to employ a team of consultants and lawyers to do so.

Recommendations are given through a traffic light system – be cautious, go or stop. You can then make highly informed decisions on the action you want to take, which may involve engaging the local expert to help achieve your business objectives.

InceSight has all jurisdictions and products in one place, significantly cutting down on both time and cost in compiling comparable information from other sources. It has everything you need all in one place.

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Visit InceSight's website to find out more, or contact us to explore your options and for a free demonstration.  

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