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If you are considering that relocation or change of employment during lockdown, Ince has an established and experienced Immigration team who are ready to advise employers and private individuals on their United Kingdom and worldwide immigration, work permit, sponsor licence and nationality requirements and are pleased to announce the following interesting immigration developments, opportunities and updates.

BNO’s Resident in Hong Kong

From 31 January 2021 the United Kingdom began accepting residence applications from holders of non British National (Overseas) passports living in Hong Kong and their non BNO family members – spouses and dependent children. This immigration route allows those meeting the above requirements and who are able to demonstrate they can support and accommodate themselves without recourse to public funds, to apply for a settlement visa in the United Kingdom and after five years to be granted indefinite leave to remain and then the option of full British Citizenship. Successful applications may work in the United Kingdom or establish themselves in business via a company or in self-employment. This immigration route is very flexible and allows applicants already in the United Kingdom to switch into this category and gain residency if they meet the published requirements. 


To attract investment, the United Arab Emirates has amended their Citizenship laws and for the first time is allowing foreign nationals who meet the published criteria and who are nominated and endorsed by Rulers and Crown Princes Courts, Executive Councils, and the Cabinet based on federal entities in the Auto apply for UAE Citizenship. Recognising the importance of attracting investment, specialised talent, professionals, scientists, doctors, engineers and artists to sustain the country's development at these difficult times, the UAE Government has opened up this interesting opportunity.  Until now UAE Citizenship has been largely unattainable for resident foreign workers, resulting in the necessity to apply for extensions of immigration status and the inability to make long term residency, career or business plans in the country.  


If you are looking to acquire a second residency at a reasonable cost in a European “tax friendly” and “Schengen Area” location, Portugal’s “Golden Visa” opportunity offers those interested the perfect solution. The “Golden Visa” scheme is well established and was introduced in 2012. It allows applicants and their family members to gain residency via the purchase of a residential property of a minimum value of Euro 350,000 in a prescribed scheme, or Euro 500,000  elsewhere in Portugal. There is also the requirement to spend only seven days a year in Portugal (or fourteen days every two years.) Permanent Residency can be applied for after five years along with Portuguese Citizenship.

Alan Platt, Director of Immigration at Ince will be happy to advise you further on any of the above options

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