Demurrage or dispatch claims remain a constant challenge within the shipping industry, causing counterparties significant time and costs to manage.

InceDemurrage is your one-stop solution for efficient and beneficial settlements; saving you time and money so you can focus on your core business.

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Shipping companies are under immense and constant pressure to maintain performance, costs, and margins. A typical ship operator may face up to 400 negotiations every year, but if just 50% of those negotiations can be favourably managed, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved.

Combining our legal and consultancy advisory on claims and disputes, with Demurrage Desk's integrated expert demurrage and laytime insights, InceDemurrage alleviates the complex burden of demurrage processes and elevates them to a higher standard.

With Demurrage Desk

Demurrage Desk


Demurrage Desk was founded in 2014 by Jean-Paul Dezutter as an outsourced back-office support service, specifically aimed at shipowners, operators and freight traders. Demurrage Desk offers complete demurrage and claims management, with expert despatch and demurrage analysis specialism, expertise and advice is complemented by state-of-the-art technology for fully digitalised demurrage and laytime tracking and calculation.  

InceDemurrage 2022

Bespoke demurrage systems for the maritime industry

InceDemurrage is a value-adding service for shipowners, vessel operators, charterers, traders, P&I Clubs, and any other organisation that works with laytime and demurrage. The solution provides insight, clarity, collection, dispute resolution and streamlining of demurrage and laytime processes, with expert guidance and ultimate clarity in demurrage claim cases based on specialist knowledge and tech-led insights and intelligence.

Our demurrage services

InceDemurrage spans a wide range of services, including:

  • Laytime and demurrage processing (through Demurrage Desk’s state-of-the-art solutions);
  • Dispute resolution and case follow-up;
  • Building of historical overview and insight;
  • Demurrage contract and clause drafting and review;
  • Claims management and exchange; and
  • Development of bespoke systems, application, and internet of things technology to improve the customer experience.

Addressing industry challenges with confidence

The level of supply chain disruption that the transport & logistics sector has endured since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to increasing port waiting times and higher volumes of port congestion. 

The InceDemurrage proposition ensures accurate and timely demurrage invoicing, structured demurrage income recovery and disputes, precise and streamlined laytime and demurrage calculations, and the avoidance of a backlog of claims. This is complemented with Ince's over-arching legal advisory on demurrage disputes and claims.

Digitalising the demurrage process

There is a need for shipping to optimise its dispatch, demurrage and laytime processes. Against the continued digitalisation of the maritime sector, shipping companies can no longer afford to track and process demurrage and laytime in a way that lacks the necessary levels of structure, accuracy, and sophistication.

InceDemurrage provides ultimate clarity in demurrage claim cases based on specialist knowledge and tech-led insights and intelligence. The service represents a new benchmark in the way that laytime calculations and demurrage claims are tracked, processed, and disputed, and elevates demurrage processes to a higher standard in line with industry best practice.

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