Ince & Co. announces Partner-driven transaction

Ince & Co. announces a Partner-driven transaction to acquire the legal business and associated assets from The Ince Group plc

28 April 2023 – Ince & Co. (the ‘Company’ or ‘Ince & Co.’) has announced a Partner- driven transaction to acquire the legal business and associated assets from The Ince Group plc (the ‘Group’ or ‘PLC’) by Axiom DWFM Limited...

In this fast-paced world you are seeking a pro-active business services partner that moves your company forward, someone who understands your challenges and the importance of commitment. Meet Ince, your trusted partner, in any case.


Our priority is to equip you with the know-how and support you need to make the right decisions for your business. We are experts at clarifying complex solutions, taking the guesswork out of potential challenges before they arise. We are known for turning complex solutions into comprehensive explanations.


Offices, a world wide coverage


Offices, a world wide coverage

Different language capabilities


Different language capabilities

Employees worldwide, including support staff


Employees worldwide, including support staff

Legal and business services professionals


Legal and business services professionals

Latest news & insights

Insights / High Court dismisses ClientEarth’s climate claim against Shell’s directors

02-06-2023 / Energy & Infrastructure

In ClientEarth v Shell Plc and others [2023] EWHC 1137 (Ch) the High Court (“Court) dismissed a claim by ClientEarth requesting the Court to determine whether it has established a prima facie case to proceed with its substantive application for permission to continue with a derivative claim against Shell Plc. In this article we summarise the Court’s consideration of the claims relating to the derivative action, the establishment of a prima facie case and the alleged breach of various statutory duties.

Insights / Court of Appeal confirms one-year time bar applies to mis-delivery after discharge

31-05-2023 / Maritime

The Court of Appeal has held that the Hague-Visby Rules one-year time bar applied to the Claimant bank’s claim under the bills of lading for mis-delivery after discharge. As a result, the claim was out of time. Read our article, by William Chetwood, Reema Shour and Sharon Msiza, for a discussion of the decision.

Insights / How to approach remoteness of damage in multi-contract commodities dispute

24-05-2023 / Maritime

In this commodities dispute, the Court has found that the arbitral appeal tribunal had misdirected itself on whether the claimant’s losses were too remote to be recoverable. In their article, Joanna Steele and Reema Shour discuss why the Court came to this conclusion.

News / UK Government to consult on changes to Employment Law

16-05-2023 / Employment & Immigration

Following the UK Government's announcement that the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill will be amended to remove the "sunset clause", it has proposed consultation on three areas of employment law.

Lawyer working on a contract

Insights / Supreme Court dismisses attempt to treat one-off oil spill as a continuing nuisance

15-05-2023 / Maritime

The Supreme Court has dismissed an argument that an oil spill emanating from the sea constituted a continuing nuisance and provided the claimants with a continuing cause of action for so long as the oil remained on their land. The oil spill was a one-off event and the cause of action accrued and was complete once the claimants’ land had been affected by the oil. Read our article, by Chris Kidd, Sophie Forsyth and Reema Shour.

News / Abu Dhabi Global Market expansion

11-05-2023 / Corporate & Commercial, Tax

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is to expand its reach with the inclusion of Al Reem Island, creating one of the largest financial districts in the world.

Abu Dhabi skyline

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